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Reblogger is a platform for curating and promoting knowledge resources. These knowledge resources could be in the form of informative blog posts, insightful articles, engaging videos, or any other media. Reblogger was started as an attempt to address the problem of information saturation in society. There is in effect too much information in circulation which has resulted in a cacophonous atmosphere where crucial decision-making suffers at both the individual as well as societal levels. Reblogger was envisioned as an attempt to rectify this. Visit our website here.

The Video Report is a platform for curating news, commentary, and educational videos. The aim is to provide free promotion to videos that are informative and worth a watch. The visual medium, especially on the internet, is constantly being used to vie for people’s attention. In this context, conscientious creators and publishers not only fail to get enough exposure but also struggle financially. The Video Report is an attempt to mitigate these problems by curating and promoting quality video content. Visit our website here.